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Join Quizizz, Quizizz Login, Quizizz Live, Quizizz Create

By micheal / March 26, 2018

Quizizz is quite similar to Kahoot. However, Quizizz characterized by

  • In Quizizz application the questions are presented at the student’s device (But in Kahoot application, the questions is only on the teacher laptop)
  • In Quizizz app, you can mix the questions so that participants cannot look each other.
  • The usage of “Homework mode” is also a plus in the right Face to Face instruction manual. It is possible to let your students work with the quiz in small classes. You can subsequently – as the teacher – sit at a central spot, and monitor when each level has answered all the questions, and then return to them and choose a further dialogue. Pretty neat!

Join Quizizz Game


How To Join A Quizizz Game

Differences between Kahoot! and Quizizz

  • Students or the Participants see the questions on their devices.you do not have to project it to play.
  • Students/Participants work at their individual paces, although questions are still timed.
  • Students/┬áParticipants see the correct answer on their screens and can review the answers at the end.
  • Students/Participants see memes after each question completed (unless you turn off this option.)
  • Students/Participants name will be remembered on the device so, they do not have to enter it each time.
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