Top Short Layered Hairstyles For 2018

By micheal / April 9, 2018
Short Layered Hairstyles

Short layered hairstyles can look fantastic with specific face shapes but not with others. Discover whether short layered hairstyles are for you.

What do short layered hairstyles do for you? It’s vital to assess your facial shape and other considerations before adopting just any hairstyle.

Although you’ve heard about short layered hairstyles, just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they will look the best on you.


This is what layers do for you:

Long layered hairstyles perform the function of thinning out hair, something that’s ideal for thick, bushy or curly hair.

Short Layered Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Short layered hairstyles, on the other hand, can tend to add volume on the top of your head – a look you should avoid if you have a long facial shape or a heart-shaped face with a pointed chin.

In this latter case, if you have short layers at the top of your head and less hair around your chin, your heart-shaped face will be emphasized out of proportion.

Instead, you should leave your hair shoulder-length and curl the ends up and out, creating an illusion of fullness at the bottom and balancing your heart proportions.

If your face is full and round, some short layered hairstyles will look fantastic on you, especially if the bangs are left in choppy pieces and wisps of hair angle in toward your face.

short layered hairstyles for fine hair

A bob cut in this style can have a slimming effect, giving you the angles you need for a well-proportioned face. Avoid a style that’s too short, however, such as the pixie cut, just as you would avoid having a big, curly hairstyle that makes your face look like a full moon.

Short Layered Hairstyles For Thick Hair

Short layered hairstyles also work on women with long facial shapes, provided the bangs are left long to reduce face length and layers angle in toward the cheeks, creating an oval frame.

Avoid parting the hair in the middle, however, as that style has “long” written all over it. Instead, a side part distracts the observer’s eye, giving an illusion of needed fullness.


short layered hairstyles for thick hair


As you can see, short layered hairstyles aren’t necessarily the ultimate solution for every woman. Instead, each haircut should be evaluated individually, as not all layers perform the same function or give the same result.

Visiting a quality hair salon can give you more direction and help you decide which hairstyle looks the best on you.

Ask your hairdresser about layering and the latest techniques, such as razoring, piecing up, stacking and a plethora of other modern hair styling know-how.

The more you know, the better you’ll be able to choose your hairstyle.

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